June 2018 Update

Summer is in full swing at Johnson’s Landing! Congrats to the Tidal Waves for their win Thursday night.  So many dedicated volunteers are needed to pull off a successful home meet – THANK YOU! It’s always hectic getting the pool up and running, with many tasks that have to be accomplished in a short period… Read More »

Memorial Day Party

Our annual Memorial Day potluck will be on Sunday, May 27th at 1:00 pm at the Clubhouse. Please bring a potluck item, hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided. We also need volunteers for set up, clean up and grilling. Please let us know if you can help! RSVP and sign up to volunteer here

Links to Mosquito Control Products Under Consideration

I want to find a mosquito control solution that is safe and effective.   I think we can achieve this, though it will be somewhat expensive to engage a service.  I’m glad we don’t need a long contract, so we can shift if treatments are not effective. If we can get Meriwether Pest and Wildlife to use… Read More »

Mosquito Control Feedback Survey

Members – The board will be considering mosquito control quotes / options at the next meeting (Monday, May 14th). I would appreciate your feedback, and Kim has offered to tally results. Arguments against commercial mosquito control include: Toxicity of commercial spray to aquatics and amphibians (we drain into a water way), toxicity to pollinators /… Read More »

Late Notices

Late notices for annual dues are being processed. If you are planning to present a check this week, please save me the printing and postage by emailing me – ingridott09@gmail.com As of January 2018, members who have not paid their dues are considered in arrears, and do not have amenity or party privileges. Please consider… Read More »

Late Fee Deadline Now May 1

The JL Board voted to adopt May 1 as the date that annual association dues will incur a $40 late fee. Please submit your annual dues payments, which were due upon receipt, as soon as possible. The authority of the HOA Board to recover and collect late fees, interest, attorneys fees and reasonable expenses incurred… Read More »

Tennis Court Pressure Washing Project Recap

Tennis Court Pressure Washing Project Recap: We recently completed pressure washing the JL tennis courts.  It was a bigger and more expensive job than originally anticipated, and I’d like to document the experience for future reference. When I solicited bids for the project last year, the quoted price was $1,200 – $1,450.  The Board had… Read More »

2017-2018 Board elections

Thank you to everyone who came out to the meeting last night. Congrats to the new and returning board members! Ingrid Noerenberg, Laura Riley, Angela Clark, Dave Harlan, Meredith Strozier, Michelle Yera, Bill Smith, Kim Alderman, Roberto DaSilva

Goals and Projects update 10/29/2017

JLRSCA Goals and Projects 2017-2018 To create a welcome environment for all neighbors and treat them with respect. To manage the financial resources of the HOA wisely to include reasonable expenditures, and planning for future expenditures. Duties to complete before year-end 2017 (Completed) File liens on members with three or more years’ back dues owed… Read More »

Annual HOA Meeting

Please join us for the Annual HOA Meeting next Sunday, Oct 29th at 7pm in the clubhouse. If you cannot attend this special meeting PLEASE SIGN THE PROXY FOUND HERE and return it prior to the meeting to: P.O. BOX 71221 Marietta GA 30007  or drop off: Chris Stanton, 1965 Clinton Drive; a corner house with… Read More »