Q: When are the monthly board meetings?
2nd Sunday of every month at 7pm at the clubhouse.

Q: Who is invited to the monthly meetings?
A: HOA Members in good standing.


Q: Who can join the Johnson’s Landing Racquet & Swim Club?
The Johnson’s Landing Racquet & Swim Club is open to residents of Johnson’s Landing that have paid their annual dues of $400 per year.

The Johnson’s Landing Racquet and Swim Club can also be joined by non residents for the pool season. The cost for non resident members is $400 plus a $25 refundable key deposit

Q: I just moved in, how do I get a key for the pool and a member ID?
A: Annual HOA dues must be paid in full prior to gaining access to amenities. Please contact the Johnson’s Landing Treasurer for more details.

Q: I lost my pool key, how much is a replacement and who do I contact?
A: The replacement charge for a lost key is $25. Please contact the Johnson’s Landing Treasurer if you need a replacement key.

Q: When is pool season?
Official pool season is Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Q: Is there a Lifeguard at the Pool?
A lifeguard is on duty from 12pm-6pm, 7 days a week. Swim at your own risk if you are over the age of 18 only or accompanied by an over 18+ adult during non-lifeguard hours.  Johnson’s Landing Racquet & Swim Club accommodates the Cobb County School schedule by staffing a lifeguard from the last day of school through the first day of school.  After school begins, a lifeguard will only be on duty during the weekend.


Q: Who can reserve the clubhouse?
The clubhouse can be reserved by HOA members that have paid their annual dues. Residents that are not HOA members or are civic members cannot use the clubhouse or other amenities.

Q: Is there a fee to reserve the clubhouse?
There is a $100 deposit to reserve the clubhouse. 

Q: How do I reserve the clubhouse?
Availability and member in good standing status must be confirmed for approval. A liability waiver must be completed and returned with the $100 deposit check.  Please contact the Johnson’s Landing Treasurer to reserve.

Q: I reserved the clubhouse, how do I gain access?
A: Key will be delivered to member the day before the scheduled rental date.  The key must be returned after use.